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What are the most successful restaurant brands doing to make money?  They have all built customer demand and loyalty.  Restaurant Marketing IS the restaurant business today.  Introducing new products and selling to consumers is what marketing people do.  Restaurant Marketing Magazine is a timely resource for restaurant executives from all types of restaurants (fine dining to food service at retail) with stories about their own challenges, successes and behind-the-scenes look at how restaurant brands are made. 

This quarterly publication is intended to educate, entertain and provide ideas and case studies from restaurant brands and those companies and products involved in the restaurant and food industry.  Some strategic articles and some fun how-to articles will provide both senior level and management level readers with valuable content.  Restaurant Marketing Magazine promises to take a look behind the curtain at what top restaurant marketers are doing to generate sales today, the challenges and successes they are faced with, and lessons learned. The Faces & Places section of each issue will offer photos and social news exclusively for and about restaurant marketing professionals.

The publishers of Restaurant Marketing intend to donate a percentage of proceeds from each issue of the magazine to a Restaurant Marketing Scholarship fund set up to provide educational opportunities for the next generation of marketing and public relations professionals in the restaurant industry.  The scholarships will be given out annually and will be announced at an annual event.  


  • Restaurant executives from all types of restaurants (fine dining to food service at retail)
  • Senior restaurant marketing executives
  • Marketing and public relations professionals for the food and hospitality industry
  • Franchisees, chefs and general managers interested in learning about how to drive sales and awareness for their restaurant.
  • Hospitality students studying marketing

Online publication delivered via email to over 5400 top restaurant brands and marketing leaders.                         

SUBSCRIPTION:      Annual subscription of $36. 

   4x a year.

Editor & publisher:        Linda Duke, duke@dukemarketing.com 415-492-4534
Subscriptions & Advertising:      Michael Fagen mfagen@dukemarketing.com  415-492-453

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DEPARTMENTS In each issue:

Bright Ideas – features a unique marketing idea and photo.

Marketing Ingredients –topics include social media, planning, strategy, trends.

Chef-Rateur™ -features marketing tips for chefs, menus and events, chef case study or profile.

Public Relations –features hot topics, trends, case studies and how-to’s for today’s restaurant communicators.

Attracting Guests—unique promotions and ideas will be featured.

Employees & Training—Marketing is only as good as those that execute the tactics—restaurant crew.  Tips, tricks and tactics.

Frequency & Loyalty—Stories, tactics and case studies of how to attract restaurant customers and keep them returning.

Promotions & Events—ideas, case studies and behind the scenes at restaurant promotions and events.

Food & Menu –menu development, menu promotions and trends.

Cartoon—Mini Duke™ with a funny restaurant marketing caption.

People & Places—photos of events, people and places.

Behind the Scenes—interviews and photos of top restaurant brand leaders.

Pick of the Pub—a “Best of” feature of a best marketing campaign for a restaurant brand.

Fast Facts

  • Never has a restaurant industry trade publication focused its content solely on marketing.  Until Restaurant Marketing Magazine debuted in late 2010.
  • Restaurant Marketing Magazine content is applicable to independent, franchise or chain restaurant owners, chefs, hospitality students, commodities marketing and public relations teams and restaurant marketing executives.
  • ADVERTISING:  Restaurant Marketing provides content to reach restaurant marketers, chefs, menu development decision makers, and those making purchasing decisions for their restaurant(s). Advertising is available on a limited basis.  Please see advertising rates.